Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

Work with Hanne

of having a professionally crafted graphic profile are:

A professional visual branding will enhance your Client Attractiveness.
You will have a complete set of Consistent and Compelling Marketing Materials.
This set is a valuable asset that will make your business visible and irresistible to your ideal clients. It will make your business look professional and trustworthy.
Your business will look authentic, unique and be recognized everywhere.

Work with me! Choose your pace and intensity!


30 hours
per month

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20 hours
per month

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15 hours
per month

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A visual branding process is in no way equal to all entrepreneurs or businesses at different stages in their development. Some have already found their ideal clients and crafted their core marketing message. Others need help with these foundational branding challenges. Some already have a logo they love and don’t want to part with it, while others just want a slight redesign or modernizing of their old logo.

The time it takes to create any graphic piece can vary enormously depending on how much you intend to engage in the work. If you are clear on your ideas, wishes and visions, and are willing to be proactive and co-create with me, we may find a great idea for your piece in days.

However, if you haven’t any wishes or don’t know what you want and ask me to create endless rounds of suggestions for you, we will not be able to proceed through the rest of the work in a timely fashion.

The BENEFITS of purchasing a package of hours, are that you can choose what you will use your hours with me for and how much time you will use on each step, over a certain period of time, according to your needs and ability to engage in the process.
You decide how fast you want to go and what you need to get done.

I use my own proprietary system BRAND BOXES to guide us through the process.
How deep we go into each BOX will, of course, depend on where you stand when we start.

We will use a list of visual touch points and implement the new visual branding to them. The result will be a collection of compelling and consistent marketing materials that are your brand’s best ambassadors.

You will choose, according to your needs, your purchased package of hours and the nature of your business FROM a list of visual touch points.

You will probably not need all of them. These are types of items which I have previously designed for my clients. If you need to get others than these created, you are off course welcome to add your special touch points to the list!

• Website in WordPress.
• Social Media Visuals, like a Facebook Fan Page and Post Images.
• Social Media ADS
• Printed ads or banners for advertising on websites
• E-book, IFO or Free Report
• Brochure or Product Sheet
• E-mail newsletter templates
• Business Cards
• PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation templates.
• Course materials and certificates
• Branded graphics for print or web
• Visualization of your proprietary system (logo/icon or “model”)
• Branded illustrations for your blog or newsletter
• Branded Cards for Christmas or other holidays, client’s birthdays
• Programs and Package sheets
• Rate sheets, Invoices and Proposals
• Rollups and other materials for trade fairs
• Signs and Posters for shops
• T-shirts and branded merchandize
• Coffee Mugs
• Decoration of Cars
• You name it…

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