Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

Who are you?

You’re a solo-entrepreneur or a small business owner. You’ve been in business a while now and you’re at the stage where you’re able to make investments to grow your business. You know that you want to invest in your branding to get to the next level. And you understand that it’s your job to focus on the core of your expertise and delivery. You’re ready to hand over your visual branding and graphic design to an expert. No more do-it-yourself branding and piecemeal layouts. You want to step up your game to a more professional look and feel that fully represents the quality of what you deliver. You’re ready to make your business look as good as you know it is.

Your business is your BABY, and you need to be able to hand it over to someone else, who will be helping you to evolve and enhance your image professionally. It’s crucially important for you that the person who you hand your baby to can be trusted 100%. It should be someone who deeply understands the challenges of solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself and who has the empathy required to “get into your shoes” and treat your baby as their own.

What are your challenges?

You’ve been doing so much yourself for so long, that you might have trouble relinquishing control of the design process and all of the minute details that you’ve been dealing yourself up until now – from creating your own website or business card to even developing your own logo and company colors. The visuals and the image you’re putting out into the world are sometimes haphazard and not representative of your true quality. Because of this, you’re hitting a wall in your growth. Your image to the outside world is not reflecting the professional image you would like, and your prospects might be thinking: if she doesn’t take her branding seriously, what does that tell me about the rest of her business?

What will people think of your abilities as a “mother” for your BABY business if you don’t take care of its visual appearance? Wouldn’t you rather be proud of your baby, especially in this respect? As an old saying goes: one should not judge a book by its cover. But the fact is, it’s what we always do anyway.

What do you need right now?

What you need right now is to see that in order to be perceived as professional and serious, you must look professional and serious to your potential clients or customers. It’s time to prioritize your investment in your visual branding and make it equally important as your other business investments, such as software procurement, education and training etc. In order to step it up and grow your business, it’s also time to decide what you’re NOT going to do yourself, and that your visual branding is one of those things. Of course, you’ll need to develop the trust to put your professional image in the hands of an expert.

Not only do you NOT want your baby to look shabby, you want it to look as significant and special as you know that it is. You want your great mission and unique authenticity to shine through. Your business is NOT mediocre or average and therefore should not look that way. Making your baby business shine from within is my field of expertise as a graphic designer and visual brand strategist. You can safely leave your baby with me.

Hanne Broter

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