Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

What do you need?

Which of your visual touchpoints needs refreshing to fit in to your visual branding?
The benefits of having a professionally crafted graphic profile are:

• You will have a complete set of Consistent and Compelling Marketing Materials.
• This set is a valuable asset that will make your business visible and irresistible to your ideal clients.
• It will make your business look professional and trustworthy.
• Your business will look authentic, unique and be recognized everywhere.

 Having a professional visual branding will enhance your Client Attractiveness.

Which of your visual touch points needs refreshing? Click the links to see examples (new examples will be added periodically)

• Website in WordPress*
• Social Media Visuals, like a Facebook Fanpage and Post Images.
• Social Media ADS
• Printed ads or banners for advertizing on websites
• E-book, IFO or Free Report
• Brochure or Product Sheet
• E-mail newsletter templates
• Business Cards
• PowerPoint or KeyNote presentation templates
• Course materials and certificates
• Branded graphics for print or web
• Visualization of your proprietary system (logo/icon or “model”)
• Branded illustrations for your blog or newsletter
• Branded Cards for Christmas or other holidays, clients birthdays
• Programmes and Packages sheets
• Rate sheets, Invoices and Proposals.
• Rollups and other materials for trade fairs
• Signs and Posters for shops
• T-shirts and branded merchandize
• Mugs
• Decoration of Cars.
• You name it…