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What you don’t know

You don’t know what you don’t know
One of my favorite “gurus” always says: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. This is so true and relates to every field where one needs to learn new things, in life and business.

I reflected on this lately after a conversation where someone asked me “What do your clients ask?” “What problems do they have, that they come to you to get some answers and help for? What is it they don’t know?”

Well, truth is they often don’t know (what they don’t know).
Frankly, I don’t think anyone (beside designers and typographers) may lose sleep over fonts, colors, spacing of typography or misuse of italic or UPPERCASE letters! Because in fact, they don’t know how much it ruins their professional visual appearance not to have these things in order.

I don’t either think that business owners have 3 a.m sweats because of their visual branding. They may have them because they don’t dare to raise their prices and fees, miss out on contracts or are being overlooked by exciting customers. But they don’t know that this lack of confidence may have something to do with their graphic design or visual branding.

I have often compared an unprofessional visual appearance with entering a stage with your fly open. Or worse, having a networking conversation with bad breath. These are embarrassing conditions which can destroy an otherwise professional and well prepared effort. Unfortunately, you are unable to do something about them, because you don’t know that they occur. Someone has to tell you.

Also, sometimes people may say of a logo, a brochure or a website of their own or someone else’s. “I don’t like this, I cannot say why, but something is wrong here” That is also because they don’t know what they don’t know.
Or more precisely put:

They don’t know what visual guidelines are being violated in the piece.

But they can absolutely SEE and FEEL that something is out of balance and order. This is the subtle nature of graphic design.

It takes a graphic designers trained eyes, many years of experience and the theoretical know how, to explain why something does not work.
But most people will intuitively “get” the feeling that something is not quite right. On a subconscious level this impression will influence their perception of your business. You have to look proper to be perceived as proper.

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