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Visualize your proprietary system or concept

Much of my work is with service-based companies, rather than products.

To visualize and use images is easier if you have a tangible product.
You will obviously want to show this product to your potential customers so they can get the look and feel of it, recognize it in a shop and buy it. If you sell products online the images of your products must convince your customers to buy it, and trust you, even if they cannot hold the product in their hands before they do.

Service based products can never be held in someone’s hands prior to buying. They are hard to visualize. Many service based products are also very similar to each other. There are many businesses and entrepreneurs offering:
– business coaching, leadership development, client attraction, personal development,
presentation skills, social media marketing, content marketing, weight loss, nutrition…

Many of these services offer their own proprietary system, a step-by-step method or educational model or concept.
Some of these systems or models are so similar that it is hard to distinguish one from the other.
How can you stand out from the crowd of people offering the same thing as yourself?

Of course, we have all learned by now to trust our authenticity and be ourselves.
Swimming in the see full of fish that look and do exactly the same as ourselves,
we have to believe that our offer is special because of our personality and
genuine approach, and that people will choose to get our help because of WHO we are, WHY we do what we do and HOW we do it.

One way of standing out is to be personal also when you visualize.
As an old saying goes: one should not judge a book by its cover. But the fact is, it’s what we always do anyway.
Images tell a story faster and is remembered longer than words.

So we try to visualize and use images, but unfortunately it is often the same type of images as everyone else does.

I have experienced lately though, that clients have started asking for their own, branded visual materials.
These are illustrations of concepts and models, blog post illustrations, small graphics for websites and much more.
Often they want branded graphs for PowerPoint presentations, to avoid having exactly the same default PowerPoint look to their presentations as everyone else does.

When custom making visuals with my clients, we are able to use their brand colors and fonts and establish their own visual style. We create images that show exactly what they mean and drive a special point home visually. This is because we don’t have to look for a stock image that is “almost” right, we visualize exactly what is needed.

I think this is wise. It gives entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to stand out and be remembered more easily.

visualise your idea

Blog post illustration made for Caroan Consulting



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