Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

Ellen Øiesvold Palsén, CEO & Founder of SkanPers, Stockholm, Sweden.
Connecting Scandinavians with career opportunities worldwide, employer branding, job postings, and social media.

To put your brand into someone else’s hands is scary. As an entrepreneur, my business is my little “baby” and every detail is personal to the highest degree.
It is very easy to become “home-blind” when looking at your own visual touch points, and it is difficult to keep the necessary distance to see your material as it is perceived by others. When deciding to acquire a new logo and graphic profile we needed help from someone who could look at our business from the outside with fresh eyes.

We were happy that Hanne came into our lives. She has drilled down through our business and put her heart and soul into getting to know it, to know me, and my visions. She presented to us,  not one, but several different suggestions for a logo and included a comprehensive presentation of the idea behind every suggested design.

I can see that Hanne’s work enhances what my coworkers and I are trying to explain in words. An image says more than a thousand words and through her design Hanne up-levels our brand, my coworkers, and myself. Her work makes us even more professional, more targeted, and we stand tall with pride.

I am ecstatic and warmly recommend Hanne when you want to take your brand to the next level.

Ellen Øiesvold Palsén
Ellen Øiesvold Palsén

Shailia Stephens

If you are considering working with Hanne, I highly recommend her. Especially if you are looking for someone who meets you at eye level and sees you a valuable member of the design team.

Before I started working with Hanne, my corporate identity was non-existent and my website real estate was a mess across the board. I was looking at a history of different projects, products and programs with different names, logos and colors. I was feeling frustrated and to be honest, quite schizophrenic as far as my presentation to the outside world was concerned.

Working with Hanne helped me to turn this problem around. Right at the beginning she interviewed me in depth to really recognize who I am and what I stand for. She analyzed my varying online properties and helped me to understand what language my design was speaking to potential clients as opposed to the image and message I was aiming for. These were worlds apart … and Hanne brought them together masterfully.

Now my branding speaks one very client attractive language across all channels, from print to online. I feel like the look I am putting out there is fully in alignment with the quality of my work. I am constantly getting praise from colleagues and potential clients who tell me that they find my online presence and my marketing materials professional and beautiful. I am proud to put myself out there, no matter if I am writing an invoice that Hanne designed or if I am sending my gorgeous monthly e-newsletter that she developed visually.

Shailia Stephens

Katy Caroan

Hanne Bröter is not only a skilled graphical designer, she provides the full perspective on the process when she teaches me the basics of good branding and challenges me to avoid the big blunders.

As an Executive Coach and Management Consultant running my own business, it’s crucial that my stakeholders see me as trustworthy and highly professional. There are many competitors offering similar services to what I do, all wanting to be on the shortlist and win the rewarding assignments in the end. The professional branding provides me with the expression and confidence I need to become relevant to jobs which previously were stipulated to larger players only.

Hanne gives me the opportunity to choose from many alternatives, and she helps me create a branding which is scalable, this is vital to me as I often launch new products and services. The results are achieved through co-creation at its best.I really appreciate Hanne’s expertise as a branding consultant, as well as her admirable attitude in creating a framework which makes me proud and represents something beyond who I currently am: It represents who I am becoming as a professional provider in terms of my customer promise and the values important to me.
I highly recommend Hanne to any professional who is serious about doing the same!

Katy Caroan

Yvonne Hellsén, CEO of Idésupport AB, Nyköping, Sweden
A company working with leadership and business development.

We are a company with multiple fields within the same firm, implementing leadership systems, business and organizational analysis, and intern revisions, it is crucial to have a good graphic profile to serve as a common and trustworthy identifier when presenting one’s business in the marketplace.

I was pleased to learn we would be working with Hanne, the creative Norwegian graphic designer, who has established herself in Värmland, Sweden. In a very professional and pedagogic way, she has taken our firm to the next level of visual presentation. She developed our new corporate image. This consists of a new homepage, a new Facebook Business Page, and a new brochure. We are very proud of our new materials and we know that they will serve us in a great way going forward.

Yvonne Hellsén

Tove Fjeldvang Lie
Recruiter and Career Coach of “Bevisste Valg” (Deliberate Choices)

I was introduced to Hanne when I started my own recruitment and career coach business. Hanne has assisted me with hand and heart through the process of finding a name, a logo, and visual branding for my company. A consistent visual identity was our goal and now my business is a visible reality!

It is a true pleasure to get to work with someone who has so much knowledge in her field. Hanne is competent, honest, keeps deadlines, gives feedback and tells you when something is not up to your standard, inspires, gives good advice, and teaches you everything she knows. Last but not least, she has a great passion for her work. The combination of expertise, passion, and punctuality is unbeatable.

Tove Fjeldvang Lie

Anna Dyhre
Employer Branding Specialist, Key Note Speaker and Author

Hanne has created a new logotype and designed a deck of PPT slides for my key note presentations. I am very pleased with my new logo. Hanne was strongly engaged in the assignment of creating a visual expression that really met my expectations, fit my image, and was crafted accurately and stylistically to perfection.

Regarding my PPT slides, there are many that I use on a daily basis as a Key Note speaker. Hanne really took the time to understand my message and visualize it accordingly. Hanne not only solves the graphic challenges in a PPT image but also knows how to reach the audience by using the correct tone in the message.

I find Hanne’s engagement with her customers very remarkable and valuable. She is very responsive and wants her clients to be 100% satisfied. She is very experienced. She keeps a professional distance while at the same time adding a good deal of humor to the dialogue, which makes the co-creative process easy for the client.

Anna Dyhre

Ingela Skullmann, CEO & Owner of Team Factory
Career Expert and Storyteller

With great precision, Hanne has created a logo and a graphic design that reflects, very accurately, the personality of Team Factory, our services, products, and indeed our business idea.

Hanne took a thought of mine and developed into a greater whole, a logo that IS Team Factory. With firmness, she gathered all thoughts and ideas into one symbol, which has become our most important mark of identity. Hanne is professional, responsive, and to the point!

Ingela Skullmann

Clarie Emilsson, CEO & Founder of two Swedish brands: Clariety AB & Concept M
Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Educator, and Connoisseur within the field of “Eat with all your senses” – a gastronomic mindfulness concept of her own.

Hanne has made it possible for me to launch not one, but two, new brands.
First My coaching business, Clariety AB, and also Concept M; my own gastronomic mindfulness concept where people meet to eat with all their senses.

Through her competence as a graphic designer and strategic brand manager, she led me toward the realization of my brands.
She would ask questions such as:
1. Why should clients and customers buy your services in particular?
2. Why do you do what you do?
3. How will the visual appearance of your brands reflect their core values and personality?

Before we started I believed that this would be a brief and simple process. Through Hanne’s accuracy and perseverance, I have learned, however, that good results count more than fast action. Thanks to Hanne I am now able to proudly present and market my brands.

Clarie Emilsson

Nina Karlsen, CEO & Founder of Hus i Nice (House in Nice)
Property Management, Valbonne, France

We were in the process of establishing our firm and needed to find a good name, build a trustworthy website, and have a logo designed that could identify our business. Hanne took on the assignment and immediately started working on finding us a name, by sending us suggestions and brainstorming with us to help us make the best choice.

Then she designed our logo, a design that met with all of our criteria and expectations. We received many suggestions. Hanne reminded us about what was important and what to take into consideration when choosing a logo.

We wanted an illustration of a French Village. Hanne drew the illustration exactly the way we wanted it. Also, when creating our homepage, Hanne’s creativity was essential for the result. She had a lot of ideas, followed them all into implementation, and everything was to our satisfaction.

Hanne’s ideas and suggestions are always based on a comprehensive branding perspective. She was always nagging us (in a positive way) about the importance of a consistent approach for our brand. She helped us to see how we can take our business to the next level by letting all visual touch points speak the same language and by having a consistent visual profile.

Hanne is a very good designer, for both web and printed materials. She always delivers on time. She is very professional. She has a comprehensive understanding and extensive knowledge in her field.

We warmly recommend working with her.

Nina Karlsen