Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

Yvonne Hellsén, CEO of Idésupport AB, Nyköping, Sweden
A company working with leadership and business development.

We are a company with multiple fields within the same firm, implementing leadership systems, business and organizational analysis, and intern revisions, it is crucial to have a good graphic profile to serve as a common and trustworthy identifier when presenting one’s business in the marketplace.

I was pleased to learn we would be working with Hanne, the creative Norwegian graphic designer, who has established herself in Värmland, Sweden. In a very professional and pedagogic way, she has taken our firm to the next level of visual presentation. She developed our new corporate image. This consists of a new homepage, a new Facebook Business Page, and a new brochure. We are very proud of our new materials and we know that they will serve us in a great way going forward.

Yvonne Hellsén