Graphic design and visual branding for entrepreneurs and businesses according to BRAND BOXES, an easy 9 step approach

Start your visual branding process

Have you started your visual branding process?

N0? – Why are so many entrepreneurs sloppy about their visual branding?
Perhaps it is because they think it’s too expensive and difficult to have a visual branding process done in a proper way?
That visual branding is something only big corporations can do?

Many small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs complain about the lack of both time and, most of all, money to spend on a branding – or rebranding – process, led by a professional graphic designer and brand strategist.

I can understand this. Being a solo-entrepreneur in my first years of business, I also have to refrain from investments, even if I know that they will benefit my business in the long run. Some investments have to wait – after all you have to eat and pay your bills.

It’s a paradox though, when the small business owners and entrepreneurs do turn up at my door, to get help with their visual branding, I have often observed how poorly prepared many of them are. We could have saved a lot of time, i.e., money, if they had just worked a bit on their own, before coming to me.

But perhaps they think that they are not the «creative» type?
That they need to be able to draw and design to able to work on their own branding?

I am here to tell you that it is not so, at least not for a long time.
There is plenty of work in the visual branding process that does not require anything to be made in some kind of graphic software, like Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign!
I will argue that at least 50% of the process takes place between the ears of the entrepreneur. In fact you will get very far with a pencil, paper and a clear head with an open mind.

visual branding process

There are lot of things you could and should do on your own to get the most out of your visual branding process and be armed to the teeth when you want to take the leap and invest in a graphic designer and branding strategist to assure the professional quality of your visual branding.

To be able to brand anything, you first have to know exactly what it is.
You have to find the core identity of your business.
To do that you need to have what we call a brand identity conversation with yourself (and some trusted helpers) and drill vertically into your business and brand. You must find the words to describe WHY you do what you do, what your MISSION is, what your vision is and what your values are. You want to find your authentic message. You want to describe the personality of your brand.

Bring the results of this work to a graphic designer along with your own visual ideas, and you will forever stay in her heart as «the customer from heaven» because you were so well prepared. Not to mention the time saved because the designer will not have to go through all this work together with you to dig up the background required to start the core design work.

If you need some help getting started, I can assist you.
I write about this in my free report, «9 steps to Visual Confidence»

Good luck on your visual branding process!

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