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What the customer likes


Work­ing with clients in the field of graphic design is always a very touchy busi­ness. What if they don’t like what I cre­ate for them? Well, often they do, and some­times they don’t, and then, you’ll have to start all over again. This is part of my pro­fes­sion, along with a great source of knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence. But the cus­tomer is always right, isn’t he?

A per­son pay­ing for a new brochure, a new web­site or a new logo cer­tainly has the right to decide on the looks of their prod­ucts? But…..

I like pur­ple, please use that instead.
I like bold fonts, please change the font.
I like pic­tures to have rounded cor­ners, please change that.
I like the menu to be green, not blue, please.
I like the let­ters to be much bigger.

Of course, the cus­tomer has a right to have things the way he/she prefers.

But, the cus­tomer is never asked.
«What do you mean, you just said that….?
Ooooh!  You mean that customer!»

Yes, the cus­tomer’s cus­tomer!
Who is IN FACT, who we are mak­ing this thing for… what­ever it’s supposed to be.

If YOU LIKE pur­ple, with big and bold fonts on a green back­ground with rounded cor­ners, but your customers get sick of how your visual com­mu­ni­ca­tion looks, they will turn else­where to pur­chase! In other words, it is of no impor­tance whatsoever what YOU like. It is not about you, it is about them.

Do you know your cus­tomers?
The peo­ple in your main tar­get group, and what attracts them visu­ally?
Maybe they do have your taste in graph­ics, and then again, maybe they don’t.

We have to find out.

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