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Are you a passionate entrepreneur?

In my marketing and on my business card it says that I work with “passionate entrepreneurs” helping them with their graphic design and Visual Branding.

When people read this and I am not present to explain what it means, it may well be that this statement is not understood by everybody. When I present myself in person, like on a speaking gig or a networking event, it happens that the word “passionate” is misinterpreted with the word for retired, the two words being phonetically very similar in both my Scandinavian languages. This often causes some laughter and merriment among the listeners, not be wondered at when someone goes along starting a new business at my age – when most people starts thinking of retirement.

Now there may  very well be a lot of passionate and retired entrepreneurs! Frequently one can observe that people in a pretty mature age, dare to jump and fulfill their dream of working with something they really cares about in their hearts. This is admirable and very exciting, I think!

I want to work with passionate entrepreneurs no matter what age.
But what does it really mean that someone is passionate?
What is passion?

Here are some synonyms that I found on the internet:

Adjective: passionate

  1. Having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs. “passionate pleas for help”
  2. Synonyms: intense, impassioned, ardent, fervent, zealous, vehement, fiery, heated, feverish, emotional, heartfelt, eager, excited, animated, spirited, vigorous, strong, energetic, messianic, fanatical, frenzied, wild, fierce, consuming, violent, tumultuous, flaming, raging, burning, uncontrollable, ungovernable; rare, fervid

I also found this article on Elite Daily, which I think is so much to the point.

I had an inner struggle with my conventional, Norwegian self (it actually exists) before I dared to put the word “passionate” on my business card and homepage.

Passion is not a world that is very frequently used in connection with business, in my homeland.

In Norway, you may be “clever” or “diligent” in your work as an employee, salespeople are allowed to be “hungry”, “proactive” and have “initiative”. “Idealistic” may even be permitted in connection with your daily work, but “passion” is definitely served for the private area – if even there.
(and in front of the TV during the World Championship in cross country skiing).

Recently I had a call with a new client, Olga.

We discussed the main intention and purpose of her business. Beforehand I had read up a good deal on her webpage, to start the process of “getting under the skin” of what she does, finding the core expression.

During the call we got quite emotional both of us, when I suddenly saw very clearly that what this woman REALLY does, is not only to help Scientist with their Productivity, but that she actually CHANGES PEOPLES LIVES.

By teaching her clients to structure their work and figure out a good work/life balance, Olga gives the time back to human beings, parents, children and everybody surrounding the family.

The world really needs Olga’s help, also the non-scientists among us, and it is not at all strange if her voice tremble a little when she speaks about what she does. Her engagement in her clients and her wish to help them is very strong and remarkable.

Olga is a passionate entrepreneur.

If you are also a passionate entrepreneur who needs to SHOW your passion to world to a greater extent, I hope you will contact me.

It is my passion to help you.

A great Thank You to Olga for the inspiration and for letting me refer to her in this blog post.

passionate entrepreneur

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