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As I write this, Simon Sinek’s TED talk «Start with Why»* has been watched 16,180,226 times on the TED webpage. This doesn’t mean exactly that many people have seen it, because I alone have seen it at least 5 times – and it gives me something new to think about every time. I’ve also read his book, on which the talk is based, with the same title. It is on my iPhone, so I can revisit it all the time – and I do.

Simon Sinek says,
«People don’t buy what you do,
they buy why you do it.»

Why do you need a WHY?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often live near their WHY.
It gives them leverage. Additionally, their WHY often coincides with the WHY of their business.

Through their businesses, they live out some ideas that come from their values and visions. They have total ownership, both regarding ideas and economy – for better and for worse.
Obviously, there is a lot at stake for them.

Their businesses become their «babies» and they must stay authentic.
Their WHY becomes transparent and distinct.
They are out in the world on their own, with their WHY, trying to make great things and help others. Not only to make money which, according to Simon Sinek,
is not a WHY
but a result of a clear WHY

• I believe in Simon Sinek’s assertion:
«People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it»

• I believe, for this reason, that it will be more and more important for entrepreneurs and both small and big businesses to clearly show their WHY:
Their intentions, values and visions.

• I also strongly believe that there is a connection between what we can see and what we believe something is. These are very old conventions.
If somebody looks like a bag-lady, it takes a great deal of information and persuasion for you to be convinced that she is not, and stop and listen to what she has to say.

My choice and MY WHY is to use my creative skills, my extensive experience and my expertise to help others who have strong and proud WHYs.
My combination of passions, skills, experiences and expertise is my unique contribution, which I want to use to help others to show their WHYs to the world in an authentic, clear and remarkable way.

*Listen to Simon Sinek here